Summer team-building workshop

I created a team-building workshop for a terrific group from a major medical center in the Boston area. Sixteen wonderful people — some of whom work at outposts in other locations and had never met those based at the hospital — gathered for the day. The workshop was filled with creative fun, thought-provoking writing, and lots of discussion about the ways that the team can bring creativity into their workplace in new ways — as well as enriching their own lives.

Everyone was spirited and created courageously. The work they produced was outstanding. And, they shared openly and honestly with one another. At the end of the day there were smiles all around, and I could not have had a better time sharing my work and insights with them.

The photos capture the energy of the day. And, you can read what the department leader said about the workshop.

The day was spent creating, gathering to write and talk, and creating again!

As the day progressed the art became larger, and finally teams of four created together.

Here is the final "group Art" that was created by teams of four. Each was based on a whacky prompt.

Here is the final "group Art" that was created by teams of four. Each was based on a whacky prompt.

Five of the final wonderful individual pieces that were done at the end of the day.

Five of the final wonderful individual pieces that were done at the end of the day.

Wow, what a day!

group hands at work2.jpg

My second Igniting Your Creative Core workshop of this new year was a marvelous day!

Over 40 attendees have now participated in this workshop, including the amazing group of seven women who made Sunday’s workshop so special.

I am deeply moved by all of the incredible people who have come together to do this work. It has been an honor to see them open their hearts and embrace their creativity. The artwork from the latest workshop speaks volumes, and I think the energy is palpable when viewing this small selection of pictures that they created during the day.

Equally wonderful for me are the shared insights, reflections and ideas that emerge on the journey we take through the day. From our greetings in the morning, when everyone says what drew them to the workshop, to our conversations over lunch and closing reflections as the day concludes, the workshop is a wonder. I have been most fortunate to work with amazing people who really show up and allow themselves to be candid and authentic in all they share. They have enriched me immeasurably.


Great energy at the January workshop

art in progress.4.jpg

What a treat is was to join with another amazing group of participants for my Igniting Your Creative Core workshop yesterday. We did more Intuitive Painting and writing than ever, including individual and group projects. And, in addition to sharing a beautiful and healthy lunch, we shared experiences, insights and ideas that are related to creativity and our lives — including many hopes and dreams. The group has already reached out to continue the conversation and to provide support for building more creativity into day-to-day life after the workshop. 

Here some photos from the day: the participants in the midst of working on a project, and one of the incredible pieces of art done in the morning.


I am looking forward to my next workshop on February 23rd, and I will soon schedule workshops for April and May. I’d be delighted to see you at one of them!


A wonderful day of shared creativity

The latest Fuel for the Creative Core workshop was Sunday, and once again, I was delighted with the great group and wonderful energy in the room — not to mention the fabulous creative work that was done by all of the participants. (The pictures shown here are of a piece that was done by 3 participants in a group project. Their subject was a late-night wild party at a zoo and they had a blast creating it together.) 

Group party at zoo.jpg

Even the overnight snow storm couldn’t stop most of the hearty Bostonians from making it to my last workshop of the year. We settled in for a cozy day that was filled with creative talk and activity.

As I look ahead to 2014 and my upcoming workshops, I want to thank everyone who has attended a workshop with me this year. You are all amazing people. You have inspired me and one another. I have learned and grown from working with all of you, and I am very grateful.