A wonderful day of shared creativity

The latest Fuel for the Creative Core workshop was Sunday, and once again, I was delighted with the great group and wonderful energy in the room — not to mention the fabulous creative work that was done by all of the participants. (The pictures shown here are of a piece that was done by 3 participants in a group project. Their subject was a late-night wild party at a zoo and they had a blast creating it together.) 

Group party at zoo.jpg

Even the overnight snow storm couldn’t stop most of the hearty Bostonians from making it to my last workshop of the year. We settled in for a cozy day that was filled with creative talk and activity.

As I look ahead to 2014 and my upcoming workshops, I want to thank everyone who has attended a workshop with me this year. You are all amazing people. You have inspired me and one another. I have learned and grown from working with all of you, and I am very grateful.