Living big is a mindset.

When we Live Big, we create an exciting and fulfilling life. We live boldly. We live with love as the driver. We become aligned with our true purpose. We live without fear and with a sure compass.

When we Live Big we have ready access to the bounty in both sides of our brain — the logical, data-focused left side and the imaginative, creative, idea-generating right side. Thus, creative flow operates in every dimension of our lives. 

A Living Big coaching program is for you if you...

  • Yearn to make a change to a new career

  • Are feeling burned out and overwhelmed

  • Are stuck

  • Are ready to take steps to move up to a job at a higher level

  • Are thinking about studying something new, to head in a new direction

  • Are ready to embark on an “encore career” after years in one field

  • Are facing a challenge like becoming an “empty nester”

  • Are considering, or are transitioning to, retirement

  • Want to (finally) connect to your true purpose and reset the direction of your life

  • Are making a transition, like a move to a new city

  • Are dealing with grief

  • Yearn for a more creative life, and seek creative flow

  • Want more excitement and happiness in your day-to-day life

You can learn to Live Big. You can create each next step in your life — to stop living reactively and start creating the life you really want.


Creativity is a continual surprise.
— Ray Bradbury