I offer a variety of workshops. Common to them all is that the participants take a deep dive into rich creative experiences in the community of other amazing women. They take away both inspiration and insights that enrich their lives.

Here is what workshop attendees have said:

Full-day workshops attendees

Rochelle — thank you for opening your studio, your heart and your passion to us at the workshop yesterday. It was an enlightening and exciting experience. I loved the flow of the day and am excited about how I can bring more creativity into my life and work. THANK YOU!
The "Dear Future” workshop was wonderful! I came with an open heart and head as clear as it could be, and you gave me and all of us a special space where you facilitated and guided good things to happen. The introduction approach and exercises were super. In processing one part of the workshop experience in particular, I was able to initiate an important conversation that has opened a door that had been closed. Thank you — especially for your love, thoughtfulness and caring.
I was surprised at how much I got out of Rochelle's vision board workshop. The images I found myself drawn to, and the process that I employed very intuitively, really showed and validated for me some of my key passions — and that I should enjoy them without shame or self-judgement.
The “Dear Future” workshop was a valuable experience for me. Our work reinforced many ongoing themes in my life: security, friends & family, joy, accomplishment, love, health (body and mental), music, dance, art and creativity. Thinking and talking about my future during the writing, sharing and creating we did at the workshop has had a bold impact on how I approach my day-to-day planning. Just as important was sharing time with a group of women who are so supportive and open about their own hopes, dreams and challenges.
Rochelle creates a soothing, inspiring environment. You immediately relax and immerse yourself in an indulgent, creative experience. The workshop space itself is warm and inviting—perfect for creative exploration.
Rochelle is so gifted and giving. She brings a beautiful sense of joy to each element of the session. She has a marvelous, uplifting spirit—and she is a generous artist and healer.
This workshop is a delightful pause in our fast-paced, pressured existence. It’s an oasis—where you can relax and get in touch with your most inventive self.
Very personal. Very deep. Quick. Energizing. Liberating.
The workshop frees you to explore and experience your hidden creativity in a safe, non-judging environment.
It was deeply therapeutic to engage in free-flowing creative work that wasn’t for anyone but me.
Highly recommended, especially if you are feeling stuck.
I recommend the workshop to anyone who feels somewhat stuck, and who needs to get in touch with their inner creativity in order to move forward to a more enlightened existence.
The workshop is creative, disruptive, innovative, and (most of all) quietly healing.
As participants shared their reasons for attending at the beginning of the workshop, it was apparent that individuals were attending for many different reasons. As we debriefed at the end, it was clear that everyone had gotten far more from the experience than their original goal.
The day’s experience and words of wisdom are truly enriching my thoughts.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Dear Future was, quite simply, the single most powerful workshop I've ever experienced. The exercises revealed and knocked loose thoughts and emotions that had been holding me back for years, and Rochelle and the other women created the space and the security to express feelings and dreams that I had been too afraid to even acknowledge. The workshop stayed with me long after it was over and I still, months later, return to my notes when I am feeling lost or overwhelmed. I simply can't say enough about how valuable and meaningful the day was. Thank you Rochelle!
It’s special to be able to safely explore your doubts and fears in the company of other women. Along with the challenging personal work of unraveling our own issues, there is the energy and satisfaction that comes with helping others tackling their own concerns. Rochelle creates an environment that ensures that everyone feels supported. That sense of support encourages us to be open and honest with each other and ourselves. Through her thoughtful exercises and teaching, insights begin to emerge that you can build on to create your own next steps, with confidence.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing time yesterday. As you know, I am very insecure about my ability to make art. Your series of exercises enabled me to create a piece that I am VERY happy with – the pastel of my two daughters. It gave me joy in the moment, and joy when I sent a picture of it to them, since they were tickled by it too. And, I plan to frame it. I would never, ever, have been able to just sit down do that on my own. I am also delighted with the sketchbook as well as the 12 sentences exercise you taught. So much richness!!
I was nervous at first. I’m not someone who often expresses my artistic side, so it was certainly outside of my comfort zone. Starting off the day with casual introductions and hot tea eased me into the process. By the end of the day I felt relaxed and invigorated—because Rochelle had encouraged me to let go of my fear of failing.
This workshop is a gift. It’s an opportunity to unearth and release a creative self that has long been dormant—or of which you’re completely unaware.
I signed up for the workshop because I thought it would be a fun opportunity to tap into my creativity. The actual experience was incredibly empowering in its ability to translate the benefit of pushing oneself outside your typical boundaries.
The most effective part of the process was being expertly prompted to spontaneously write.
The art activities were exhilarating — and getting to know the other members of the group was a pleasure.
The workshop was wonderful — I‘d do it every weekend if I could! I especially enjoyed the group exercises — working together helped me feel connected to everyone in the room.
Rochelle’s approach and her unique presentation make this event truly special. She is a gifted and inspiring leader.
It was great spending time with Rochelle. What a gift! I have had a lot of stress in my life, but during the workshop it went away. I think carving out that time and being in such a nurturing and creative environment was exactly what I needed.
I am so grateful for the day I spent with you yesterday. It opened my eyes to a world that was unfamiliar to me and exciting at the same time.
Thank you, Rochelle for creating a safe and comfortable space for all of us to open into creativity.
Rochelle has a wonderful ability to draw individuals into the conversation and elevate the tone of creativity. She is masterful in her use of music and movement to overlay the discussions and drawing exercises. Also, the lunch was worthy of three Michelin stars!
I appreciate receiving your emails and keeping up with all you are doing — many great things. Just reading your comments makes me feel energized. Thanks for being there with your creativity and positivity.
Rochelle helps you take on any endeavor by awakening your dormant creativity.
One of my favorite parts of the workshop was learning about the triangle of increasing self-love, decreasing self-critic, and emotional creativity. I loved hearing the various participants experiences in each of these facets and getting to share my own creative journey.

Creativity and Cooking workshop attendees

The Evening of Creativity and Cooking workshop was enormously fun and surprisingly relaxing after a long day at work. The dishes we learned to make took my mind off of all the stresses of my day. For example, the ingredients for the appetizer, Vietnamese fresh rolls, were not just fun, easy to make and delicious to eat. The colors and textures of the vegetables, shrimp, tofu, rice noodles, herbs, and egg were used as a way to express artistic creativity, by layering and arranging the ingredients so the end result was a unique piece of edible art. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for an inspiring and relaxing experience.
I liked this program so much I went back for a second time!  Rochelle and Amy are a good team on highlighting all the joy and creativity that can be unleashed through cooking. It was an awakening for me to see how master recipes could be used to create so many different and wonderful outcomes in the kitchen.  Amy's kitchen is a warm and wonderful place to spend an evening.  She makes cooking fun, easy and accessible to all. Time and money well spent.  I look forward to attending more programs!
Last week I had something to look forward to after work. I arrived at a welcoming kitchen, where a small group of interesting women was gathered around a cooking island. It immediately felt warm and festive. We each engaged with the colors and textures of the surroundings and the foods, worked with our hands, and created tastes and experiences that were new and unexpected. There was nothing extravagant about the ingredients — they seemed familiar, and yet were bright and very new. I learned how to make three wonderful, sumptuous dishes that were satisfying and really interesting. And, I was delighted to leave feeling that I would be able to create them again (I’ve already bought some ingredients to start making the new dishes at home.) I really noticed that each of the participants felt loved. We gradually warmed up to each other, sharing comfortably and unselfconsciously. And, the food was amazingly tasty! I felt like I’d been on a holiday to a fantastic place where things were sparkling, lovely and warm — for me and those around me. Thank you Rochelle and the Joyful Kitchen for giving all of us this gift. It felt like a childhood birthday party, a dream event!
What if the very reason you were created was to be creative?
— Michelle Dennis Evans