Watch as a group creates

At my last workshop we had a marvelous day. As part of the workshop we did a project that I always love seeing unfold — and one that participants always find to be a blast.

Groups of three people work together to create a large Intuitive Painting (in this case, using soft pastels) with a fun theme. The objective is for the group to fill the entire page with color, and for everyone to work quickly all over the paper. The theme for this piece was a wild picnic attended by crazy creatures, and I enjoyed photographing the creation as it developed. (What I was not able to capture was the great music and the chatter about ideas — and laughter — as the picture came to life!)

I would love for you to come and create with me. My next day-long workshop is November 9, and my new Creative Drop-in sessions are held weekly on Wednesday evenings. The range of creative adventures is growing, and the joy of creating with others is always energizing. 


New studio for the new season!

Autumn has arrived, even if it is still technically summer for a few more days. Schools have started, the weather is surprisingly crisp, and the pace of life seems to have cranked up considerably for everyone I know.

I am delighting in the beautiful new studio space I worked to make over this summer. Completed just in time for the new season, the studio is bigger (due to lots of simplifying, rearranging, recycling and donations) and brighter (thanks to amazing new lighting and shots of paint to enliven the space). I've been building my library of resources to share, and bringing in lots of new and interesting materials with which to create.

And, now that I’ve done my first, new Wednesday evening Creative Drop-in session and my first full-day workshop of the season in the new studio, I am happier than ever to know how beautifully the space functions. I had a fabulous time with amazing groups of women at both events.

I would love for you to join me soon at a Creative Drop-in on a Wednesday evening, or at one of the workshops coming up in the months ahead. The next workshop is scheduled for November 9. Let's create together in this wonderful space!