Time for renewal in the desert

How wonderful it was to be able to spend a few glorious days in the mountains outside of Tucson. Having visited Miraval 11 years ago, I was inspired to be there again. In our few days we spent time in quiet contemplation, we walked and we wrote. We learned from great teachers, did yoga, meditated and treated our bodies to massage. We met lovely people and ate food that was healthy, fresh and delectable. We found a haven from the usual pace of our busy life at home, and appreciated the wonderful respite. 

I am still reflecting on much that I learned and I’ve shared new insights and knowledge with people at my Creative Drop-in this week and with my coaching clients. I’m happy to post some photos I shot as I walked. I hope you find them to be a visual "holiday" and an inspiration to savor precious moments that you experience in your day.

Desert inspiration

It was a great treat to be able to escape Boston’s brutal winter weather and explore the desert of Arizona for a week. Nature provided an amazing array of inspiring visual treats that captured my eye and will surely be fuel for upcoming creative adventures. 

In spite of the cold air back home, looking at these photos brings to mind both the warmth of the desert and the pleasure of coming upon each of these spectacular moments of delight.