Are you ready to ignite creativity and excitement in your life each month — and do it with a small group of inspired women?

I created the IgNight Creative Experiences and IgNight Creative Excursions series in response to requests for a way to get monthly doses of inspiration and creative activation. Here’s what I have created for you for 2018:

Every month there will be an IgNight event, and you can choose to attend between 4 and 12 of these evenings this year. Each of the events throughout the year will be unique.

Each month will feature something new and inspiring to light you up.

Here’s the way the series will work:

IgNight Creative Experiences and IgNight Creative Excursions will take place on the third Thursday of every month.

All IgNight Creative Experiences will be in my Brookline studio, where a group of 6 to 8 women will gather to get creative and have fun together. At each IgNight Creative Experience we’ll dive into a new way to create together — including creating collages, doing Intuitive Painting with pastels, assembling 3D sculptures or objects, drawing of various types, painting, and more. Come and be surprised at each session. There will be a mix of independent work and collaborative creating. One thing's for sure: each IgNight Creative Experience will be full of fun in my beautiful studio, and an evening spent with wonderful women! 

Every third month I’ll lead a group on an IgNight Creative Excursion. On each Excursion, we’ll meet at a museum in the Boston area (to be announced before each Excursion), where I will guide our group through a distinctive way to observe art, share our impressions and insights, and get creative in the galleries, too.

You get to choose the evenings you want to attend. I look forward to creating with you often! 


We'll have two IgNight Creative Experience evenings followed by one IgNight Creative Excursion for a full year.

All IgNight events start at 6:30pm and end at 9:00pm.

Date Type
January 18, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
February 15, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
March 15, 2018 IgNight Creative Excursion
April 19, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
May 17, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
June 21, 2018 IgNight Creative Excursion
July 19, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
August 16, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
September 20, 2018 IgNight Creative Excursion
October 18, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
November 15, 2018 IgNight Creative Experience
December 20, 2018 IgNight Creative Excursion

To get in on the fun, here’s the pricing:

# of sessions price
4 $120
6 $170 (save 6%)
8 $220 (save 8%)
12 $325 (save 10%)

All materials are included for Creative Experiences.
Museum entry is not included for Creative Excursions— but some museums offer free admission on Thursdays eveings.
Note: There will be an optional early dinner in advance of each Creative Excursion. (Dinner is not included.)

Number of Sessions:
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