Are you ready to discover the real artist in you?

You may be a designer who has always wanted to explore your artistry.

You may be an artist who wants to go deeper than ever before, or shift directions with your work.

You may want to reconnect to the creativity you enjoyed as a child but have not experienced in years.

Or, you may be someone who has never made art, but yearns to see what that experience can be in your life — and how it can lead to exciting new growth and a bigger future.

No matter where you are at this moment, you can awaken the artist inside you. We'll have a preliminary conversation, and then in a 2-day private retreat, we will work together in my studio. We will focus on one thing — to move you to meeting yourself as an artist. We will dive into a creative process that will build as we continue our exciting work together. We will actively create, and we will also reflect on and process the experiences you are having in coaching conversations. You will amaze yourself!

We will have a follow-up conversation a week later, to reflect on and process your experiences — both things that came up during the retreat and how the experience has resonated for you after.

The retreat includes lunch and snacks, and all materials. 

Email me if you have any questions — and to book dates for your retreat.

Here‘s what a recent client had to say about her 2-day retreat experience:

I decided to give LIVING BIG a try after speaking with Rochelle via phone and spending time exploring her website. As a graphic designer feeling stuck, I believed that Rochelle would understand some of what I have endured as a person who works exclusively on client projects and never created for myself. I was correct. We spent two days together looking at art, creating art and talking about art along with many other things related to how I live my life. I am now determined to find pockets of time to take out my pastels, to copy what I see, and to create — in exciting new ways. I hope to connect with Rochelle again soon. She is insightful, helpful, talented and extremely encouraging.

And, here’s what another client said about her mini-retreat experience:

Thank you for such a special day! You have the ability to take people to places they could not imagine!!! You are patient, kind, warm and caring. With your attention and support I discovered creativity I did not know was there and have made it a new and welcome partner! It felt like I discovered my inner art goddess, an entity I know is inside all of us.

The time I spent with you was like a mini vacation, like a trip to a creative spa where I discovered my own inner beauty. The comfortable environment and great supplies made it easy to get started. You planted the seed. I got to water it and watch my talent grow!

I have now attended your Ignite your Creative Core Workshop and this art retreat. After each, I walked away with inspiration to continue my art practice at home and I have had new inspiration to keep creativity flowing. The experiences have also helped me at work, in the way I write more creatively and find fresh ideas for planning meetings and programs. In fact, often ideas keep coming when I’m just thinking, "What am I going to do this week?” Thank you, thank you, for all of these incredible gifts!

Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.
— Doris Lessing