When stifled, the Creative Core tends to make us feel stuck. The connection to our intuition is blocked, as is a lot of our potential for expression. Our ability to process difficult emotions is hindered, and so is our ability to connect to our deepest desires. And, the self-critic that stifles our creativity damages us emotionally.

Accessing, igniting and activating the muffled, restless Creative Core is important and valuable. It can be reached and it will be happy to be awakened! When it is rekindled and fueled, it is a powerful force for bettering our lives. New energy and passion emerge. New possibilities present themselves.

Our creative capacity is connected to the way our brains work. Unlike the “left brain”, that processes facts and is logical and linear, the “right brain” is where expression, intuition, creativity, dreams, concepts and ideas are generated. When the Creative Core is activated and nurtured, right brain activity increases. And, happily, the abilities of our left brain are enhanced, as well.

Creativity is as important as literacy.
— Ken Robinson