The Creative Core is my term for the deep well of creativity and creative capacity that is in every human being when they enter the world.

The evidence of this creative wealth can be easily observed in young children, who create with joy and enthusiasm. They do not stop and worry about what to draw or build. They do not hesitate. They are free and happy and they never run out of things to make. And, if they are praised (as they should be!) they are even more excited about creating.

It’s not until children get to second or third grade that many begin to shut down. They start to compare themselves to others, and often feel they are not as talented as another child. That self-judgment diminishes their inclination to create. And, often there’s an adult voice that judges them or makes comparisons that they hear as judgment. This further shuts them down.

In spite of the frequent shift to feeling “uncreative” as we grow and mature, the Creative Core remains inside all of us. It may be dormant but it does not go away. In fact, it yearns to be reawakened. 

And, once your creative fire is ignited, it’s hard to extinguish. The more that you create the more benefits you'll reap. And, you’ll find that living a creatively-active life is a better, bigger, more fulfilling way to live. 

When you unlock and accelerate creativity you will live big in every aspect of life.

The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.
— Robert Henri