Living big is living a life that is exciting and fulfilling. It is living boldly. It is living with love as a driver. It is living aligned with your true purpose. It is living without fear and with a sure compass. It’s living with ready access to the bounty in both sides of your brain, with creative flow operating in every dimension of your life. 

Too many amazing women live small — smaller than their potential, and smaller than their dreams. For many women, life is limited in ways that they sense, or know, or yearn to figure out. 

Are you yearning to make a change to a new career? Thinking about going back to study something new? Are you looking for work? Do you want to embark on an “encore career” after years in one field? Are you burned out? Are you over-worked and stress out? Are you looking ahead to retirement and unsure about how you want to find fulfillment in that phase of your life? Are you facing a challenge like becoming an “empty nester”? Are you making a transition like a move to a new city? Are you dealing with grief? Do you want more excitement and happiness in your day-to-day life?

If you face challenges or opportunities like any of these scenarios, you may feel stuck or anxious. I can guide you to unleash the creative potential that resides within you. You can experience the thrill of creating through art, music, poetry, dance, cooking, and more. And, you can learn to create each next step in your life.

The scope of creativity is vast, and when you learn to employ it fully, you will be able to take on the changes you yearn to make — and make the most of all of all the possibilities in your life.  

You can learn to live big. I would be honored to teach you how.

Creativity is a continual surprise.
— Ray Bradbury