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An Evening of Creativity and Cooking

  • at the Joyful Kitchen Cooking School 12 Greenwood Rd Wellesley, MA, 02481 United States (map)

We can bring creativity into every dimension of our lives. Food is an important part of daily living — after all, we need to eat to live. So why not cook creatively?

Rather than preparing food and eating simply for sustenance, we can introduce lots of creativity when we cook — and then enjoy the results. Being creative in the kitchen can be easy and fun.

I am partnering with Amy Lipton of The Joyful Kitchen Cooking School to teach both avid cooks and novices about the fundamentals of creativity and how to bring that spirit to the way we approach cooking. Come and play, as Amy teaches wonderful techniques for simple yet delicious ways to prepare a fish and vegetable dish, as well as a marvelous dessert. Each participant will have the opportunity to choose from a broad array of ingredients and flavors, to make unique and distinctive versions of the basic recipes. And, we’ll enjoy eating our creations as a group before the evening ends.

(The recipes are gluten-free, and other food sensitivities can be accommodated.) 

This promises to be an amazing evening!

Cost: $145 (reserve with a credit card payment or by check)
Limited to 8 participants

Contact me to register, or register online!