The clients I coach are remarkable women (and men) who are looking for more growth and greatness in their lives. They engage in our work for many reasons — to get past things that limit them from living the biggest life possible; to regain balance in a demanding life; to get support to face new challenges; to make big life transitions, to activate dormant or blocked creativity, and more. Some of my clients work with me one-on-one. Others join a coaching group. Still others do intensive personal retreats with me. 

Here is what some of my clients have said:

Individual coaching clients

Rochelle is an amazing advisor and coach. My association with her led me to where I am today — doing something that makes me truly happy, let’s me do my best work and abundantly sustains me.

  And…it wasn’t easy getting here. It wasn’t that long ago I felt hopeless and fearful about the future. I was having a lot of trouble stopping the negative thinking that was preventing me from moving forward. Rochelle helped get me back to a positive place where real change can happen. It was Rochelle who supported and inspired me. She created a safe haven to talk about what I was experiencing and dig honestly into some of my deepest thinking and long held beliefs that were no longer serving me in life. 

 If you are considering a change or transition, want to work through things that may be holding you back or simply to unleash the creativity that helps you reinvent yourself, I would highly recommend spending some time with Rochelle!

   — Linda S.


“I sought out Rochelle’s coaching to break through my procrastination and to be more productive with my writing. Working with her has been very enjoyable, and thought provoking in a positive way. She is very supportive, encouraging and insightful. Now I am writing more and feeling much more free to do it.

 This work is the real thing, and it will change your life. It’s not something you do casually, for a lark. It’s a big step, so be ready. If you really want to shake things up, make a new start, go for it — you will be so glad you did!

   — Matt M.


Collaborating with Rochelle has been a life changing experience. Her coaching skills are exceptional to bringing in creativity and balance to your life and work. The experience has provided me the tools to develop better relationships in my personal life, within my family, and gain leadership skills for my career. She truly has a gift to help people go beyond their perceived capabilities.”

   — Christine B.


“Prior to beginning my work with you I was feeling confident enough to try something that would push me even further. What drew me to you as a coach was the deep, deep desire/need to tap into the creative sides of myself and bring them more fully and more powerfully into my life: my work, yes, and also my non-work activities.

 We started with a really intense two-day experience where I felt completely comfortable to express myself. You are open and without judgment, but you are also someone with a viewpoint. I love that combination.

  My biggest shift? Greater confidence in letting ideas play out (and not caring whether I’m the next Picasso or the next Steve Jobs; I’m not). There’s relief in that!

  And, I have a more holistic view of what it means to live a creative life as a result of our work. The huge outcome I received was a belief in myself that I hold enough creativity to connect to other people in real ways. Because, I had relegated creativity to “hobby” status — but not anymore! I now know that creativity is the gift of expressing who we really are, so when we send it out into the larger world — in whatever way and however large or small a gesture or action — we create the possibility of connecting with others in REAL ways. Not faking it, not trying to be who and what someone wants me to be.”

   — Amy S.


If you want to experience a growth spurt, throw yourself into Rochelle’s process. Trust her to take you places that maybe you’d rather not go. You will end up in a better place — feeling more creative and ready to take on your hurdles in business and in life.”

   — Betsy D.


Rochelle has a gift for this work.

   — Susan P.


When I first sought support from Rochelle I felt stuck. I had lots of ideas about what I wanted to do moving forward, but I let my concerns and "what if's" get in the way of taking action.

  Working with Rochelle was uplifting. I always appreciated her positive and inspiring support. The questions she asked me to answer between our coaching sessions helped provide tremendous focus. With her help I got clear about both my personal and professional direction — and began taking action.

  Rochelle enabled me to create a plan to move out of state and see different ways to approach a desire I had to write about “my dogs” — as a business, not just as a hobby. And, she enabled me to make it all visual, which has helped me to stay inspired and motivated.

 When you choose to work with Rochelle you are in for a rich and clarifying experience. She asks questions that help you see more possibilities for your future than you dared to imagine, so you feel more confident and focused. I felt enriched and positive after every conversation with her.

 Rochelle will guide you to be open, flexible and confident — to truly believe in yourself and your ability to succeed in life and business.

 I’m now embarking on simplifying my life, moving south, and writing about canines and their caregivers, and it feels wonderful.

   — Anne K.


Rochelle enabled me to open my heart and see the world differently."

   — Claire F.


”I decided to give LIVING BIG a try after speaking with Rochelle via phone and spending time exploring her website. As a graphic designer feeling stuck, I believed that Rochelle would understand some of what I have endured as a person who works exclusively on client projects and never created for myself. I was correct. We spent two days together looking at art, creating art and talking about art along with many other things related to how I live my life. I am now determined to find pockets of time to take out my pastels, to copy what I see, and to create — in exciting new ways. I hope to connect with Rochelle again soon. She is insightful, helpful, talented and extremely encouraging.

   — Rena S.


Rochelle makes it easy to get ‘un-stuck’ by creating a safe environment for confronting deep and difficult blocks.

   — Mary R.


I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in the past few years. It has truly changed my priorities and perspective about work, creativity, family and friends. I really appreciate your kindness and the open conversations that we have together — they mean a great deal to me. Every day is a work in progress, about being a more mindful and purposeful person.

   — Christine B.


Rochelle’s coaching process is deceptively powerful. The journey exposes obstacles and eases you into a new creative space.”

   — Diane L.


I exorcised demons I didn’t even know I had.

   — Mike P.


Rochelle’s coaching is great for anyone who wants to connect with their core creative capabilities.

   — Sue D.


At a difficult time, I was able to embrace my questions as questions.

   — Pam G.

Coaching Group clients

I was flattered and excited when Rochelle invited me to join this group. I was not seeking coaching per se, but was attracted to the prospect of being part of the Living Big group and exploring big ideas with a like-minded group of women. 

 It was a small but powerful group of women who supported each other with great candor. Rochelle did an excellent job of facilitating this program to be just right for everybody. She meets people where they are and conducts her work very respectfully and professionally. There was a nice balance of in person and over the phone meetings on a regular basis. We all got to explore what Living Big means to each of us in our own unique way. Rochelle was very helpful, inclusive and empathetic in fostering good group discussions. I especially enjoyed learning to use her sentence completion technique as a tool for self-discovery. And, as the months went by I was able to set aside time in my busy life for doing nothing, and more and more I sought creativity in simple things every day.

 In addition to Rochelle’s guidance in both group settings and one on one, we experienced a lot of powerful peer learning. I realize I have so many options to pursue creativity, passion and living big. Being in the group helped give me good food for thought on the next phase of my life and career, as well as allowing me to personally reflect on a lot of issues, both positive and negative, that I can now move on from with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. 

 Rochelle took a genuine interest in each of us and is able to bring out the best in people. She got us all to see ourselves through many different lenses. For women who may be in a life transition period where they are looking to break out and get ready for the next phase of their life/career, whatever it may be, active engagement with Rochelle in a coaching group will help their direction unfold in a positive and productive way.

 I really enjoyed being a part of the program. The retreat days at the start and conclusion were especially memorable. I will miss the group going forward but know they will all be there for support as needed. The big lesson I am leaving with is to feed my creative fire!” 

   — Maureen C.


I love working with Rochelle because she encourages thinking and creating in ways that are outside of my day-to-day life. Working with her is invigorating — it’s like recess! I loved taking a break from the normal to step outside for a bit, to work and create, to listen and learn. 

 I particularly recommend working with Rochelle if you have a goal in mind or are trying to work through a difficult time or life decision. She’ll let you explore in a safe and creative way and you will be supported by her and by the other great women in the group. It is definitely worth joining her group program.

 I would recommend the coaching group for any woman who has a particular challenge or decision she is making, if she is open to creating and being open-minded. The work in Live Big can be uncomfortable (in a good way). 

 Looking back, my biggest take-away from being in the coaching group, was: Find your true north and then keep going.”

   — Mary M.


“I sought out Rochelle and the Living Big coaching group to add more creativity to my life and business. The opportunity to think about ways to instill creativity was really important to me as I felt I had lost it over the past couple of years. The activities we participated in, and the opportunities to explore our creativity were fantastic. I loved the sentence starters exercises, and the opportunities to physically get creative with drawing and creating collages created the sparks I needed to renew my creativity.” 

   — Nettie N.

Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.
— George Lois