Team-building + Creative Activation

My dynamic, customized programs and off-site retreats give teams in corporations and non-profits a powerful experience. We establish objectives together that are incorporate when creating your program, and that are used in a follow-up process to evaluate the impact of the program for you and your team.

Full-day or partial-day programs are enriching for all of the participants individually, as they build team cohesion, inspire creative confidence, and provide teams with tools to create and innovate more effectively in their work.

Each program is developed, and the discussions are guided, to relate to the issues you want to address in your work environment. Participants engage in a series of fast-paced and fun art exercises that open creative channels and build appreciation in each participant of their creative capacity. Depending on the duration of the program, the art exercises are typically followed by writing exercises, sharing and discussions that relate to the workplace. A portion of most of my programs covers the fundamental conditions people can cultivate to open and access creativity in every aspect of their lives and work. Collaborative art experiences round out the workshop. The group work is always a highlight for teams.

Shorter programs are exciting and experiential, with key points made between the creative exercises. In half-day and longer programs, there is more time for the group to reflect on and process concepts.

The dramatic artwork that is created in the program is yours to frame, if you wish. Often participants want to keep some of their art, and many organizations choose to hang the art. The creations make beautiful and inspiring visual reminders for their teams.

Soon after the program day, we will meet to debrief. We assess the way the team participated, the dynamics that showed up, and the take-aways, as well as reviewing what the leader is observing with the team after their regular work resumes. We discuss opportunities for the experiences and insights of the program to be integrated and/or expanded for the team, and how the larger organization can benefit, too.


  • From 8 to 90 participants

  • Full-day programs and customized shorter programs (from 90-minutes, half-day, etc.)

  • Organization provides: ample space, tables, chairs, refreshments

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The photos below were taken at an off-site program that was designed to activate creativity and inspire a team of 90 tech workers. After everyone worked on their own, groups collaborated to make amazing art!

And, check out the story and photos taken at another recent corporate off-site program.

Non-judgment quiets the internal dialogue, and this opens once again the doorway to creativity.
— Deepak Chopra