I make a point of bringing my work to groups on a pro-bono basis every year. From working with school children in a school supported by City Year, to seniors during a special Christmas-day program, to work with talented high school students headed to a career in design, it is a joy to share Intuitive Painting and teach about creativity with all of these groups.

Here is what one leader said:

”Rochelle has generously volunteered her time twice to offer her Creativity and Intuitive Painting workshop to Youth Design as part of Youth Design Academy at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The students are teens with a passionate interest in art and/or design who are studying basic observational drawing, fundamental design elements and principles, art and design-making processes and materials. What Rochelle teaches is, I feel, extremely integral and essential to not only the students' development as budding artists and designers, but to their development as self-confident, happy individuals. The students LOVE the workshop — they find it challenging, fun, and inspiring. They are often surprised and pleased at what they produce when they have to work very quickly and intuitively and it helps them to understand that the creative process is most effective when freed from self-consciousness and the fear of making a mistake. Rochelle's supportive coaching about this topic enhances the experience and reinforces the message that your creative spirit will be freed by letting go of fear. Lastly, they really enjoy the collaborative aspect and are very pleased to see how much they can accomplish when they work together and how each individual contributes something unique to the collaborative piece.“

Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.
— Brenda Ueland