I have always loved words, but only recently began writing poems.

I find the immediacy of creating though poetry thrilling. I can write poems anywhere I find myself brimming with emotions and ideas that yearn for expression.

And, I have had the great pleasure of recently collaborating with a brilliant painter, ZsuZsanna Donnell. When we discovered that I had written poems and she had painted paintings with the same titles, we decided to work together. I have been writing poems based on her paintings, and she is beginning to paint in response to my poems. ZsuZsanna and I exhibited our work at a show we titled Powerful Pairings in the South End of Boston on November 7.

A few photos from the exhibition are shown at the bottom of this page. The paintings in the photos are named, so you can match them to the poems with the same names. 

And, check out the blog post to see more photos of the exhibition and read more details about the exciting opening.

I will be adding poems often, so I hope you will check in from time to time.


ZsuZsanna in front of "Continuum", with "Zero to Infinity" on the right  |  Rochelle in front of "More"  |  Part of "Zero to Infinity " and "Common Ground"  | "Oh My" in the background