Starting my practice as an artist was a huge event in my life, and one that has had an enormous impact for me.

I had first started doing Intuitive Painting, which progresses through three stages: soft pastels on black paper; oil pastels on large white paper, which you then paint in acrylic; and finally painting directly on large canvases. I continue to regularly practice Intuitive Painting, as it’s fast, fun and very liberating. And it inspires all sorts of other art and general creativity in my life.

But when I set up a studio and began creating “seriously”, using my emotions as the energy for my work, I discovered new joy and found myself reaching new creative heights. Early on I explored painting, and then started doing collage work (including a series of pieces inspired by, and created with, images of Robert Motherwell's art). I also began sculpting in 2015 and discovered that I love working in three dimensions.

I took an intensive abstract painting course at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design while on sabbatical in Washington DC in the fall of 2015. I have added several of the paintings made in that class to this gallery. I also studied the basics of bookmaking at the Corcoran, and I plan to explore non-traditional bookmaking to incorporate my poems and visual art in exciting new ways. I have continued to study painting upon my return to Boston in 2016, now at the SMFA, and I have added some recently-made sculptures to this gallery.

I look forward to continuing to grow as an artist, as it has become clear to me that being an artist is a huge part of who I am. I have found that my creative practice has deepened and informed every aspect of my work. It makes me a better coach and a more effective teacher.

Check in from time to time as I will be posting new work.