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The Program kicks off November 20, 2016

Dear Friend,

Can you imagine a life where you are not limited by what society, your old family scripts — or anybody — says you can be?

It wasn't that long ago that I could not imagine living a life without limits. I felt limited by long-entrenched societal expectations, by well-meaning but damaging scripts from my family, and by my own limiting beliefs.

Can you imagine a life where you can be bolder, do more, and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible?

At that time, I could not imagine living boldly, allowing myself to really show up — and to show up powerfully. A part of me did not believe, and had trouble seeing how, I could achieve the audacious vision I started to imagine for my future.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to claim the future you dream of?

My personal transformation began when I decided to commit to bringing coaching into my life. My journey working with a coach helped me learn to overcome the limiting beliefs I had long been living with, to start showing up in new and bigger ways, and to start daring to live more boldy. I began to see big new possibilities and envisioned living them as never before. With the support and guidance of my coach, I began to experience a bigger life — a life that has continued to expand in amazing ways.

I chose to become a coach so that I could support women to go through their personal processes to achieve beyond their current expectations. To stop living small or playing small in any part of their lives. To dig deep and claim the greatness they know they possess, and make big moves to live big. I created the Living Big Coaching Program to support a special group of women who are ready for BIG personal and professional growth — ready to take action towards a bold vision of Living Big as they define it for themselves. It's my mission to help each member of this group to step up and claim her exciting future.

What will living a bigger life and realizing more success look like for you in 6 months?


This is an opportunity to make big change

The Living Big Coaching Program will be comprised of a small, powerful group of successful professional women, where each will define and focus on the way she wants to Live Big. Each woman will learn how to unleash and use creativity in her thinking, her work and her personal life as never before. Each will commit to leaving behind the limitations that have kept her from living the big life she yearns for. In short, this is a program for personal transformation.


The Living Big Coaching Program

This program is not designed to make the participants happier about who they are today. It’s not a program focused on uncovering fears and anxieties. And, it’s not a place for complacency. It IS a 6-month deep-dive, for an intimate group of courageous women, that provides incredibly powerful opportunities for each one to define Living Big for herself and to support her in taking bold steps to live in new and exciting ways. It’s about coming to a new understanding of just how powerful you are, and how you can use that power to create the life you dream of. You will amaze yourself — going beyond what you thought was possible.

When you participate in this group with a full heart and deep commitment, I promise you will:

  • Define what Living Big means for you.
  • Decide on the changes you want to make, the impact you want to have, the legacy you want to create, the dreams you want to pursue.
  • Set specific goals for what you want from the Program.
  • Decide on the ways you are ready to stop limiting yourself and begin to remove the limitations that hold you back now.
  • Take risks.
  • Learn about the power of creativity and how it can have a major impact on every dimension of your life.
  • Experience creativity, learn the conditions to help creativity expand, and start benefiting from implementing creativity.
  • Take a bigger leadership role in every part of your life.
  • Make bold moves toward Living Big — personally, professionally, or both.
  • Be supported with powerful coaching and the shared energy and focus of the group.

Is the Program right for you?

This is an opportunity to make big change. If you feel curious and courageous, are generous and creative (or you yearn to be creative), this may be right for you. If you are ready to do big work to create more power in your life and take steps to making your life as full, rewarding and BIG as possible, let’s have a conversation. We can decide together if the Living Big Coaching Program is right for you.

Participants will be selected based on their readiness to engage with a full heart as well as their fit with the group. The investment for the program is $6000.


What you need to know

Here are the details about what's included in the program:

The program starts on Sunday, November 20, 2016 when we will meet for a powerful, full-day in-person retreat in my Brookline, MA studio. Starting in the fall means that you will begin the new year well on your way to making the big changes in your life you want to create!

We will begin our 2-hour group coaching calls, that will be scheduled every two weeks. You will receive coaching, support and feedback, and will be challenged to push yourself towards what you want to create in your life. We will share insights, I will provide resources and tools, and at the end of each session you will receive a small assignment that will move you forward in the weeks to come. I will also ask you to set an intention for the upcoming two weeks.

• The theme for our first December session will be Slowing Down. We'll explore the amazing benefits of slowing down and finding stillness, and how to bring that into a busy life.
• The theme for our second December session will be Living in the Present, and how being in the present moment reduces stress and distraction, focuses our energy, and lets us create the best steps to take next.

• The theme for our first January coaching session will be Living Without Fear. We'll explore how much fear we suffer without assessing its veracity, and how to shift to living without paralyzing fears.
• The theme for our second January session will be Aligning with Your Purpose. We'll discuss how to honor yourself and connect to your deepest desires, to find — or confirm — a richly satisfying and meaningful direction for your life.

• The theme for our first February coaching session will be Patience, a precious gift you can learn to give yourself.
• The theme for our second February coaching session will be Finding Wonder. We can learn to tune in to more of the magic and beauty that is all around us, and how to use the inspiration to fuel our lives.

• On February 26, 2017, we will gather for a half-day MasterMind meeting in my studio. This will be a time to reconnect in person and do powerful group work. Each woman will bring a specific challenge to the group and get their collective coaching.

• The theme for our first March coaching session will be Listen to Your Intuition. Intuition is our sixth sense, and when we learn to tune in to its messages — the truth we possess — we have a powerful resource in our lives.
• The theme for our second March coaching session will be Speak Your Truth. Finding and connecting to your authentic, personal truth, and courageously speaking it, is key to living big.

• The theme for our first April coaching session will be Tap Your Passion. When you readily connect to your passion, it will guide you, provide focus and clarity, inspire creativity, and bring excitement to your life.
• The theme for our second April coaching session will be Live Boldly. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to be gloriously bold is a key element of living big.

• The theme for our first May coaching session will be Embrace Change. Change is hard — it nearly always brings up fear and anxiety, even when it's good change. Creativity is key to diffusing that fear and anxiety, to get perspective, make decisions and see a clear path forward.

• On May 21, 2017 we will conclude our 6-month journey with another retreat day together. We will process all that has happened for each member of the group in a series of exercises. I will teach everyone a wonderful process to create a fantastic art project. This enables each woman to make her ideas, insights and visions concrete — and to take her work home to savor her amazing creation.


• I will create a private Facebook group that offers everyone the opportunity to ask questions of one another, share insights and generally support each another between our calls.

• I make myself available for an “office hour” in each week between our group calls so that you can get direct support from me when questions arise for you.

• And, each member of the group will schedule 2 one-on-one, 1-hour coaching calls with me. These private coaching sessions can be timed as you wish, to receive deeper support during the course of the program.


What women have to say about their experience with Creative Core Coaching and the Living Big Coaching Program

“This work has been life changing. It has brought creativity and balance into my life and work. I now have tools for developing better relationships in my personal life, within my family, and I have gained leadership skills for my career. I went beyond my perceived capabilities.”
“I was attracted to being part of the Living Big Program to explore big ideas with a like-minded group of women. I loved being part of a small but powerful group of women who supported each other with great candor. The program brought out the best in people. My direction unfolded in positive and productive ways."
“I particularly recommend the program if you have a goal in mind, have a particular challenge or decision you are making, or are trying to work through a difficult time or life decision. You will explore things in a safe and creative way and you will be supported by Rochelle and by the other great women in the group. Be open to creating and being open-minded. The work can be uncomfortable (in a good way). My biggest take-away was: Find your true north and then keep going.”
“I wanted to add more creativity to my life and business. The opportunity to think about ways to instill creativity was really important to me as I felt I had lost it over the past couple of years. The activities we participated in, and the opportunities to explore our creativity were fantastic. I loved the sentence starters exercises, and the opportunities to physically get creative, with drawing and creating collages, created the sparks I needed to renew my creativity and dynamically move my business forward.”


Are you ready to Live Big?

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Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.
— John Lennon
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