Once you awaken your creative core, you’ll be inspired to begin a lifelong journey of fueling and nurturing it. You’ll find ways to bring openness, creativity and love to every facet of your life. In other words, you’ll learn to live big. Here’s how women I have worked with are showing up with creativity and passion:

I had a solo art show looming and was struggling to move forward with a new body of work. Rochelle’s coaching process guided me through a stagnant space, revealed areas that were holding me back and reinvigorated my creative process. The show I mounted 10 months later was fun, liberating, and well received.”

“Our conversations reinforced my decision to shift my career to a small, solo practice.” 

"I have been humbled and amazed by the treasures that I have encountered when I have the courage to go forward with an open heart. Thank you, Rochelle, for helping me grow. I feel that I am LIVING BIG!"

“I left the workshop energized and eager to start new creative projects.”

“I got control of a sabotaging self-critic. I feel renewed.”

“I reconnected with a joyous and liberating creative process that has led to deeper, more penetrating work."

“After participating in Rochelle’s workshop, I viewed my work and my personal life through a different lens. I began keeping an art/writing journal. My work took on a different flavor, as I came up with more creative ways to solve problems. Most of all, I felt more confident in every area of my life.”

“The workshop did exactly what I had hoped it would do—ignite my creative desires. So now, I get to have fun making that happen!”

“Since the workshop, I’ve been journaling on a regular basis. I’m not only using the sketchbook—it goes with me almost everywhere—but also the tools of self-love and expression through writing.”

“I've used some of Rochelle’s prompts to spur an open, honest self-dialogue as I prepare for a career transition.”

“The workshop provided a safe place for self-expression and creative discovery. I learned to forgive myself for self-perceived mistakes and to enjoy the creative process.”

“The workshop encouraged me to stretch myself in both my personal and professional goals and helped me to better embrace hesitations and challenges along the way.”

“I've learned so much that will continue to enrich my life for years to come. The mix of creativity (with some twists and turns!) and the thoughtful conversation made for a truly fulfilling day.”

“I think it’s safe to say I never ‘got’ the concept of abstract art until now. There is such power in letting intuition/emotions guide the work, and it's amazing to look back and see what I created in that moment. It’s magical—and I know I will continue to nurture and explore that magic throughout my life. Thank you so very, very much!”

“It's funny: I recently reached out to two musicians about collaborating. After the workshop, they both got back to me on the same day—and I have dates to meet with both of them. I've started writing more music and I’m moving on the recording stage. I’ve even researched flamenco dance lessons! I also have ideas for some art I'd like to make—an altar-piece representing the female energy body (2nd, 4th and 6th chakras).” 

“I feel I am bursting at the seams with creativity!”

“I rarely get to work with a group of people or make things, and I love it! I will look for more ways to do this in my day-to-day life—like cooking with friends, crafting in groups and volunteering.”

“I need to honor, explore and nurture my creative core, as it is a true gift from the universe.”

“I had reached a place in my work that was stable, but lacking in energy and vitality. Rochelle’s workshop restored my energy and propelled me to a new level in my work and personal life. The activities were fun and insightful, and the conversations with other participants were enlightening.”

“With Rochelle as our leader, I gained a much deeper understanding of the creative process within myself.”

The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.
— Edith Södergran