We all have challenges. Your challenges may be holding you back if you feel stuck in your work life or personal life, if you are dealing with grief, if you struggle with a relationship, if you are in a transition that causes you stress, if you yearn for a transition but can’t find direction, if you find you replay old scripts that don’t serve you, if you are in pain or live with fear or anxiety. The list of possible challenges is endless.

And, we all have hopes and dreams. These can be uplifting and exciting, but some can also be elusive. Many of us have trouble daring to believe those dreams can be reached, or need help and encouragement to move toward them.

In any of these scenarios, Creative Core Coaching can help you to get to the root of the matter and provide a path forward. There is power in living without self-criticism, igniting your creativity and connecting to your right brain and intuition. Using techniques you’ll learn in one-on-one coaching or will experienced in a workshop will open a path to the life you want to live.

This is powerful work and there’s no magic here. When you commit to this process you will experience tremendous benefits. Activated creativity heals. Activated creativity brings joy. Activated creativity allows clarity. Activated creativity connects you to your authentic self and your deepest desires and passions. Activated creativity will release your genius.

Read some real life testimonials to hear what my clients have experienced.

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.
— Kurt Vonnegut