Whether you are a couple forging a new relationship or have been partners for decades, deeply personal relationships are complicated. Even the most loving couples face adjustments and challenges during the ebb and flow of life. We have separate lives and life as a couple. We face challenges and opportunities in our work, with our children, in our extended families. We have our own dreams and dreams for living together.

In any of these scenarios, Creative Core Coaching for couples can help you both as individuals and as a couple. In the one-day Couples Workshop, which is limited to 4 couples, the process safely opens lines of communication that can provide a bridge for gaps in understanding or rebuilding closeness of there’s been disconnection. It can inject new, shared happiness. It can align your visions or help you pursue differing directions in harmony. It can deepen your relationship.

Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.
— John Lennon