Are you are ready to think about awakening or reenergizing your creative core?

Are you seeking a coach to help you achieve your most ambitious dreams?

Are you feeling stuck and looking for a way to move beyond your blocks?

One-on-one Creative Core Coaching and my Creative Core workshops are designed to help you with any or all of these desires.

Working one-on-one in a coaching engagement is powerful way to make change in your life. Whether you embark on the Jump-Start program, join a Coaching Group, embark on a Year of Action, or we create a customized engagement, we will work at a deep level to identify and understand the issues you want to address and you will implement major changes. Creativity is employed as a diagnostic tool as well as a working tool for making change. Between our sessions you will have homework assignments that also employ creative techniques. Clients who commit to doing this work with a whole heart will find the process to be powerful and effective. As an engagement concludes, we will assess the progress you have made and can create a plan for continued work, if you wish to have my ongoing support and influence in your life.

Attending a workshop is an excellent way to wake up your Creative Core and start a process that you can continue using in your life. You’ll spend an exciting and energizing day exploring a range of creative adventures with a small group of people who are on the journey together. Every workshop is influenced by the dynamics of the participants, so no two workshops will be precisely the same. Each one takes the group through a series of exciting and stimulating exercises and experiences, and leads participants to new and personal discoveries. Workshops offer an excellent opportunity to experience my work while having a powerful and enjoyable day.

Diving deep into personal creativity. I work with individuals to take a deep, intensive dive into a creative experience where they meet the artist inside them in a private creative retreat. Working together in a series of processes that build in intensity (without pressure and without intrusion from their self-critic), they experience the joy and delight of experiencing free creative flow — and the thrill of creating art that is amazing! This experience is powerful for women who have varied backgrounds — from designers, to ”non-creatives“ to practicing artists who feel stuck or yearn to expand in their work.

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People who work together can face a range of challenges. Sometimes a team needs help to work more effectively and communicate better. Often, teams need help to be able to innovate — to overcome challenges the organization faces, or solve problems for their clients, or both. For any of these situations, the Team-Building + Creative Core Activation Workshop provides an opportunity for individual creative stimulation coupled with shared experiences and learning. When team members are challenged to make personal discoveries and to work together to create in a dynamic, non-judgmental atmosphere, they come away with personal awareness, closer connections and appreciations for each person’s abilities. Sharing a spirited, fun and enlightening experience results in change that has value over time.

Members of associations with shared interests, whether professionally focused, with a shared interest, or primarily a social purpose, also need to keep their communities vibrant and connected. The Shared Creative Activation Workshop provides a wonderful way for individual members to benefit as the group shares a creative adventure that brings them closer.


Boards members share responsibility for steering an organization. They typically meet monthly or quarterly and need to work well together. Many boards gather for an annual retreat to take stock and set direction for the future. Using a portion of that occasion to build interpersonal connections and foster better working relationships can have a big impact on board effectiveness. The Team-Building + Creative Core Activation Workshop can be customized to meet the needs of many types and sizes of boards. The results bring benefits that impact the entire organization. 

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.
— Ray Bradbury