Creative Core Coaching for private clients

I am often asked about my coaching process. When clients begin their work with me, they sometimes want to know just how we will proceed, and what steps they will be guided through to resolve the challenges they are focused on.

The way I coach does not have a set process. That’s because the work is not linear. And, because no two clients are the same. Each person faces different issues and is in a different place in their lives, thus needing a different approach.

I understand that for some people it can feel comforting to know what to expect and how they will move from A to B to C to their goal. I ask my clients to trust me, and trust themselves. I ask them to commit to doing deep work in all of our coaching conversations. I teach them to use my powerful tools to bring big insight to light and build a creative mindset. I teach them to use their innate creativity in every dimension of their lives, and to find freedom, power and joy in creating. I challenge them to get out of their comfort zone. I guide them to take big, bold steps in their lives — to take action that brings significant change. The work unfolds in powerful ways the way it needs to.

The way that creativity impacts the path of every client is different. I guide my clients to insight, awareness and wholeness in a way that works best for each of them.

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Creative Core Coaching in my work with teams

When team members are challenged to make personal discoveries and to work together to create in a dynamic, non-judgmental atmosphere, they come away with personal awareness, closer connections and enhanced appreciation for each person’s abilities.

Teams can face a range of challenges. Sometimes they need help working more effectively. Sometimes they need to learn how to communicate better. Often, teams need help to be able to innovate — to overcome challenges the organization faces, or solve problems for their clients, or both. For any of these situations, my Team Building and Activation Programs provide individual creative stimulation coupled with shared experiences and learning. They gain a shared understanding of how they can create together, and bring the insights back to their workplace. Sharing a spirited, fun and enlightening experience, for a half-day program or a full day retreat, results in change that has lasting value.


Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.
— John Lennon