Creative Core Coaching for private clients

While no two clients are the same and no two clients are addressing the same issues, I have a 5 phase process that we move through to address the specific objectives of my private coaching clients who work with me in my 6-month Big Shift engagement, or A Year of Living Big.

I ask my clients to trust me and trust themselves as we move through the process. I ask them to commit to doing deep work in all of our coaching conversations, and I challenge them to get out of their comfort zone. I guide them to take big, bold steps in their lives — to take action that brings significant change. The work unfolds in powerful ways.

The Create Your Future Process

Phase One: The Launch Retreat

The Launch Retreat helps you to open deeply, reflect, define key questions, and focus on the factors that you want to address. It sets our direction for the coaching sessions that follow.

Deep coaching work begins in our two days together. The Clarity Creator form you will complete in advance guides you to articulate what you want to bring to the start of the work, and guides our first day together. 

In my studio, we engage in deep coaching conversations. You will learn fundamentals that are key to your ability to become a true creator in your life. I will introduce you to an array of powerful tools, as well as guide you to open creativity in remarkable ways. On day two, you will have had time to reflect on and process everything that came up in our first day. New layers of insight will emerge throughout our day of deep coaching and exploration. In the afternoon, you will create a remarkable piece of work based on your insights. This visual creation will be yours to take home. 

Phase Two: Becoming a True Creator

This is the phase where you truly step into the work. Building on the insights that emerged in the Launch Retreat, coupled with what I will teach you about your Enneagram style and the homework assignments you will complete between sessions, you will be guided to bring new levels of commitment into your life. And you will begin to see yourself as a woman with agency to create the future you want. You will stop living reactively and learn to create each next step in your life. 

Phase Three: Growth and Expansion

You will now be immersed in the coaching and building awareness. You will be supported to begin releasing old habits, and you will start to live more boldly and be able to take imperfect action. You will see your life through a new lens, as you take baby steps that build into bigger steps forward. 

Phase Four: Integration and Mastery

You will be living with more insight, commitment and using new practices. There are always some setbacks — rather than a smooth, straight upward path — but you will now know how to think like a creator, what to do when your self-critic interferes, and how to realign. Clarity, satisfaction and pride — and belief in yourself — will grow.

Phase Five: Acknowledgement, Celebration and Readiness for Future Growth

We will look at the tremendous growth you have achieved and the meaningful change you have brought into your life. We will not only celebrate, but look ahead at what continued courageous growth will look like.

As we evaluate the progress you have achieved, you will determine your next steps.

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Creative Core Coaching in my work with teams

When team members are challenged to make personal discoveries and to work together to create in a dynamic, non-judgmental atmosphere, they come away with personal awareness, closer connections and enhanced appreciation for each person’s abilities.

Teams can face a range of challenges. Sometimes they need help working more effectively. Sometimes they need to learn how to communicate better. Often, teams need help to be able to innovate — to overcome challenges the organization faces, or solve problems for their clients, or both. For any of these situations, my Team Building and Activation Programs provide individual creative stimulation coupled with shared experiences and learning. They gain a shared understanding of how they can create together, and bring the insights back to their workplace. Sharing a spirited, fun and enlightening experience, for a half-day program or a full day retreat, results in change that has lasting value.


Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.
— John Lennon