Here are descriptions of the workshops I offer. Those that are currently scheduled are highlighted on the upper right side of this page. Click the link on the right for full details.

Ignite Your Creative Core and Live Big

Spend an exciting day and fuel your creative core.

This intensive one-day, in-person workshop will ignite your spirit and open you to the power of your creative core. As we access and activate creativity, you will find connections to intuitive wisdom, be able to transform challenging emotions, and start a process that will help you connect to your true passions.

A small and intimate group of 8 participants will take a journey through a series of creative exercises. We’ll talk, make art with abandon, we’ll move and we’ll write, all in a relaxed, non-judgmental, encouraging atmosphere.

We will each bring a nutritious lunch and treat ourselves to the beautiful pleasure of eating well together. And then we’ll talk and create again. Throughout the day we’ll experience the joy of discovery.

Please join me for a day that promises to awaken your creative spirit and will give you tools to continue to tap and apply it in all areas of your life. 

Cost: $110, includes beverages, dessert and all materials (Participants will bring their own healthy lunches.)

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Create Your Life Vision-Board Workshop

A full day immersion to focus on your authentic life and your ideal outcomes

Join me for a powerful day to get intentional and clear about what you want to create in your life — what you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to have in the next months and years of your life. After you are guided to find that clarity, you will make a Vision Board — a fun and free creative process that I will teach you. Your Vision Board will anchor you to your dreams and allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. Because when you are clear, and when you look at a visual representation of your dreams, amazing things happen. Your intentions are focused, you let go of what's in the way, and you'll begin to attract the outcomes you desire.

Cost: $97 (includes all materials)

Summer Creative Adventure

A day of pure creative fun! Come to play — and learn how to extend the joy all year long.

Join me as we take a day during this more laid-back season to connect to the joy of play. The creative play that's planned will fill you with positive energy. The day will be a delight, and you'll bring that great energy into your personal life and and even your work. Come and take a creative adventure with a small group of great women. We'll Live Big together!

Cost: $110, includes beverages, dessert and all materials (Participants will bring their own healthy lunches.)

Creative Fuel for Your Career Journey

This workshop was a huge success last year. It’s being offered again on June 3, 2017!

Embark on a fresh and energized experience designed for women who are thinking about their careers and the future of work in their lives. Rochelle will guide a small group of women through a powerful creative process that will inspire each participant to approach her career direction in a new and exciting way.

You will be guided to bring joyous creative energy to the way you think about your career questions. No prior “experience” or “skill” is required to enjoy the process and create a personal expression of the thinking that emerges for you at the workshop.

Whether you are looking for a job, want to take your career to the next level, or are looking ahead to what may be next for you, you will leave with renewed energy and clarity — and a beautiful piece of art.  

The workshop is designed to be intimate and impactful. Space is limited to 8 participants.

Cost: $79 early-bird registration, if made by May 26; $89 after May 26 (includes all materials)

An Evening of Creativity and Cooking

Join me and a small group for a fun — and delicious — evening that will inspire you and open you to the marvelous ways you can infuse cooking with creativity. This is a great way to learn techniques for interesting recipes from Amy Lipton of The Joyful Cooking School, and then have the opportunity to choose from many ways to make them your own. We cap off the evening by savoring the 3-course meal together, as we experience the flavors we brought to the preparation of each dish.

Cost: $145

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Living Big with Your Spouse or Partner

Experience how creativity can enrich your life and enhance your most important connection

Share a special day when 8 women will embark on a rich and rewarding adventure. You will experience the ways that creativity ignites the spirit, and importantly, can be used to deepen the relationship with your life partner. You will experience new ways to create and connect more to your intuition. Your heart will be more open and joy will be shared by all as we explore new ways to increase understanding, enhance communication and infuse new energy into your closest relationship. 

The day will include a series of energizing creative explorations, including art-making and writing. The atmosphere throughout the day will be positive, encouraging and non-judgemental. We will break for a relaxed lunch and then embark on an afternoon of continued creativity and connection. When the workshop concludes, you will leave with new tools with which to keep creativity alive in your life and enrich your relationship.

Cost: special introductory fee, $100, includes beverages, dessert and all materials (Participants will bring their own healthy lunches, which will be shared in a beautiful setting.)

Read real life testimonials about the workshops.


Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops