Summer Creative Adventure

A day to get inspired and tap big creative energy to bring into your life — this summer and all year long!

Join me as we take a full day during this laid-back season to connect to the power and joy of creating. We will embark on diving into creative experiences that are great fun and truly freeing (and that don't require any prior experience or “talent"). You’ll release the amazing creativity that’s in you now! And, you will learn how to bring that big positive energy — and a creative mindset — into your every part of life and work.

Does the idea of a day for yourself this summer excite you? Do you want to share a deep personal dive into creativity and feel the power it has to help you Live Big, in the company of an intimate group of great women? If you are ready to say, “Yes!” to this day of personal exploration and discovery, let’s do it together.

Come with an open heart and an open mind and the workshop will have a lasting impact on your life.

Space is limited to 7 participants

Cost: $110, includes beverages, dessert and all materials (Participants will bring their own healthy lunches.)

Location: My studio in Brookline (the address will be provided when you register)