Live Big with Your Spouse or Partner

Experience how creativity can enrich your most important connection

Share a special summer day when 8 women will embark on a rich and rewarding adventure. You will experience the ways that creativity ignites the spirit, and importantly, can be used to deepen the relationship with your life partner. You will experience new ways to create and connect more to your intuition. Your heart will be more open and joy will be shared by all as we explore new ways to increase understanding, enhance communication, and infuse new energy into your closest relationship.

The day will include a series of energizing creative explorations, including fast-paced art-making and thoughtful writing. The atmosphere throughout the day will be positive, encouraging and non-judgemental. We will break for a relaxed lun and then embark on an afternoon of continued creativity and connection. When the workshop concludes, you will leave with new tools with which to keep creativity alive in your life and enrich your relationship.

Get in touch soon to register for the workshop.