Creative Core Coaching for Individuals

My individual coaching engagements are powerful and go deep. I work with professional women who want to go higher, achieve more, get past blocks and soar in their lives.

After a Discovery Call, where we will discuss your needs in detail and the outcomes you are looking for, we both confirm that the fit is right. You‘ll select a program from those I offer, or I will tailored an engagement specifically for you. 

We will look at your life and focus our work on a range of matters around which you wish to be supported. These may include: overcoming issues that are blocking you; navigating transitions you are planning for or currently making; connecting you to your deepest dreams and biggest aspirations  — and getting you moving forward on the path; resolving challenges you face, such as being a workaholic, not being focused and productive, suffering from burn-out; figuring out what's next in your life; or a host of other issues you feel the need and desire to address. Ultimately, I am here to challenge you, support you, and inspire you to make the changes that will lead to living a bigger, more rewarding life.

Creativity is a tool I will use with you to make discoveries in remarkable ways. We will employ a range of writing exercises, as well as other techniques. You will be given assignments to complete between our sessions. These will be surprising and stimulating and will help you to make change in your life. When you make a commitment to the work, you will experience change as our work progresses. And, you will have tools to continue to use in the future.

In every case I ask you to commit to fully showing up for each session — ready to be open, honest and courageous. I also require that you commit to doing the assignments you’ll be given between each meeting.

The outcomes you can experience are profound. My clients gain clarity and focus. They enjoy increased productivity. They are able to realize a vision for their future that exceeds what they had been able to imagine for themselves prior to our work — and they embark on making the vision a reality. They activate creativity in every part of their lives. They reduce stress as they are able to bring balance and calm to their lives. They heal relationships. They experience increased joy and excitement about life. And much more.

Here are a number of ways we can work together.

Go Deep Private Coaching Day

A coaching immersion, targeted to bringing you clarity and insight on a focused issue in your life.
After you complete pre-work to articulate the questions and concerns we’ll address together, we will spend a powerful day of coaching in my studio. This customized coaching day is focused on you and you alone. It can address questions such as finding your life’s purpose; identifying what’s keeping you stuck and how to start to break the patterns that are holding you back; uncovering resistance related to making a desired change, to name some typical focal points. After meditation and liberating creative work to open your heart, we will move into deep conversation, address challenging questions, and do engaging exercises. After a beautiful lunch we’ll continue our work. When you commit to engaging openly and deeply in the process, big insights and clarity will emerge by the end of our powerful day together.


A 3-month coaching engagement that will catalyze big change
We will meet every two weeks for an hour, and you will have assignments to complete in between our sessions. You will also have email access to me in between our meetings if questions arise that I can help with. You will identify the areas of your life for us to focus on. You will be guided to gain clarity, identify resistance, and learn to use tools that will lead to making meaningful and lasting shifts in your life. 

Deep Dive

A 6-month coaching engagement that will ignite significant change and support big growth
We will begin our work with two powerful in-person days together. You will open deep creative channels and we will take a deep dive into the issues you want to address in our coaching work. We'll then meet every two weeks for an hour. You will have assignments to complete in between our sessions. You will also have email access to me in between our meetings if questions arise that I can help with. Throughout the six months, you will be guided to gain clarity, identify resistance, be challenged, and build important new skills and take big action. I will provide you with tools that will accelerate making meaningful and lasting change in your life. 

Living Big Coaching Group

A 6-month journey of shared insight, supported action, and momentous personal growth
Join a small group of women to explore what Living Big means for each of us, and decide on how you want to stop living small in your life. Following a powerful retreat day, we meet every two weeks for coaching calls where all the members share and receive coaching and inspiration. We meet in person again at 3 months, and we conclude with a powerful retreat day. Each member of the group also schedules 2 one-on-one coaching calls, timed as she needs them. The shared energy and focus of the group lead to fantastic outcomes. I‘d be happy to share more details and send you an application form.

Year of Action

A 12-month coaching engagement that will take you to extraordinary heights
After the Jump-Start engagement concludes, we‘ll evaluate where you are, how you want to continue to grow, and what changes or vision you want to realize in your life. I will support you to take the kind of action you‘ve never taken before— to realize a significant transformation in your life. We will kick off our year with an in-person extended session. We will then schedule 1-hour meetings every two weeks (that can be on the phone, over Skype, or in person), and you will get assignments to complete in between our sessions. You will also have email access to me in between our meetings, to use when you need support around issues that arise. While the outcomes may not be predictable when we begin, our year together will result in huge and significant change in your life, and momentum for your upward trajectory to continue. 

Intuitive Painting Apprenticeship

A 12-month program that will prepare you to integrate Intuitive Painting into your coaching, training, or therapy practice
Spend a powerful year learning how to teach and use Intuitive Painting in your work. Our work will include intensive learning about and development of your intuition, and the power it has for activating creativity of every kind. You will develop a deep practice to activate and use your intuition. And, you will learn the Intuitive Painting teach methods — including the ways that "Stage One" can be employed in a range of program settings, as well as the second and third stages in the full 30-week Intuitive Painting process. We will work to integrate this methodology into your work, whether you are a creative coach, a therapist, an art teacher, a corporate trainer, or work in any of an number of other disciplines where this methodology can be a superb tool for catalyzing creative activation with your clients.


If you are not sure which program is best for you, let's schedule a FREE Discovery Call and we'll get to clarity about the questions on your mind and what’s right for you. Let's make a date and start a conversation!

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Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.
— Pablo Picasso